The Secret Gardens

A digital and experiential journey that entertains Londoners with Italian talents and clues.

Integrated Campaign

Scenario: The House of Peroni exists digitally and as a physical place as a bespoke, immersive space that acts as a permanent window into the high-class realms of Italian fashion, design, art and cuisine. Updated daily, features editorial content submitted by a portfolio of established and emerging Italian creative talents.

Challenge: Peroni wants to champion the sophistication of the 'Made in Italy' label and expose the quality beyond the stereotypes of Italian culture that most British people currently recognise. 

Idea: We create an irresistible 'Italy treasure hunt' split into 4 weekly events. The coolest Londoners have to solve clues in order to participate in each event and The Residency of the House of Peroni.

Step into the House of Peroni!